A spiritual companion

NUR Jewelry

The company Nano Venture specializes in exclusive jewelry made of gold or platinum, optionally refined with diamonds. The unique selling point is the integration of the entire Koran , written using state-of-the-art nanotechnology, on a surface as small as a fingernail and readable with a magnifying glass.


The Holy Scripture digitized

NUR Chip

Each page was scanned at ultra-high pixel resolution and carefully digitized before being reproduced using cutting-edge nanofabrication techniques . Thousands of man-hours went into these steps to ensure every detail of the beautiful calligraphy is perfectly reproduced.


ONLY Testimonials

French Montana , known for his unique style and artistic vision, has made this piece of jewelry a symbol of individuality and faith .

In addition to its unique meaning, the pendant impresses with its elegant design. The finest craftsmanship and high-quality materials were used to create this masterpiece. Every detail was carefully crafted and represents the highest quality.