• The perfection of sapphire crystal

    Our nanochip is made of sapphire glass , which achieves an impressive hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale . As the third hardest transparent material in the world, sapphire glass offers unparalleled scratch resistance and is heat-resistant up to 1,300 degrees Celsius .

  • The unique art of engraving

    The holy scriptures of the Quran are engraved with the utmost precision in titanium and protected with an additional diamond layer . This protection not only gives an aesthetic brilliance but also preserves the integrity of the holy scripture for eternity.

  • Purity and blessing

    Before our pendant goes on sale, each nanochip is washed in holy Zamzam water . This water, said to have its origins in paradise, is revered for its healing properties and gives our pendant an additional spiritual purity.

timeless beauty and deep spirituality

Uthman Taha

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Quranic calligraphy with Uthman Taha , a renowned Syrian-Saudi calligrapher known for his unique writing of the Mushaf al-Madinah. His influence on Quranic calligraphy is so significant that his style is also used in commercial copies such as the Mushaf al-Tajweed . In December 2021, Uthman Taha was granted Saudi citizenship , further underscoring his importance and recognition in the calligraphy world. The nanochip contains all 114 surahs on over 600 pages and combines the craftsmanship of calligraphy with cutting-edge technology.